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Welcome to my blog, where you will find a lot of interesting stuff about me and things that I like to do, such as; my photography, places I’ve been, my interests and passion, my beliefs, and more about what I like to do. Moreover, I want you to enjoy my writings and learn something new from my blog posts and see my world through my photography.  I have recently started writing fictive stories. They are easy and fun to read. These stories are only to entertain you without any link to the reality.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog and my Blogstories.

       -Suki Nathan



I’ve always wanted to write, but I wasn’t very comfortable with my writing skills. Now i’ve decided to give it a try and to start writing about subjects that interests me. This is the reason behind this blog. Don’t hesitate to leave me your feedbacks, because we all have to start somewhere. Your comments would be very appreciated and would help me to improve any flaws..


I have a huge passion for Photography and Photoshop. I would take photos all the time. It started when I was in High School, I had to choose one complementary class. Since I took music as one of the class, I opted for photoshop class, and I fell in love with. I was not that great, I had my flaws, but I was one of the best in my group. I would come home and photoshop anything I found online. With many ideas in mind, I started to take photos with my small Sony camera; flowers, teddy bears, cars, anything and I edited them. I was addicted. Later, I started editing portraits, I would do one per day. I am a self-thought Photoshop user. I developed skills and managed to edit few portrait for my relatives and friends. In the recent time, due to lack of time, I am not able to keep up with designing and photography, but I will one day become famous for my photographs. 🙂 I don’t see my future in photography, but I am passionately in love with photography.