The time I saw a Minor


One year ago, when I went to Sri Lanka, I saw this car in Jaffna. Since I have a huge admiration for cars, I took my phone and took this photo. The owner (unknown) of this car must feel so lucky to own this beautiful car.  Sri Lanka has a lot of potential for cars and motorbikes. I’ve seen BMW, BENZ and even PORSHE Showrooms in the main city, Colombo which is quite surprising and everything moves along with different type of vehicles.

I didn’t know exactly what was this car about or anything. I did my research and I found that this car is called a Morris Minor from the British since 1948. (thanks to Wikipedia) these cars are still found in England, Australia, India and Sri Lanka. So-called compact cars and their parts are very cheap compared to modern cars.

If Photography is my passion, cars are my admiration. Since I was a kid, I had a special love for cars, I used to play with cars instead of dolls. At the age of 12, my cousin introduced me to the video games, especially car games. I finished almost all the Need for Speed games until now, I also loved modifying different cars through the same video games. At the current time, My dream car is a BMW ( I have one in Sri Lanka 🙂 ), but I want to buy one in Canada as well.

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