My Birthday Road Trip


As I was celebrating my birthday this month (April), I was planning to go on road trip. Coincidentally, my birthday was on a long weekend. So I had planned to go to Belleville and Kingston (Ontario). Unfortunately, I could not make it., so I decided to go to Mont-Tremblant for a day and go around the city.

Mont-Tremblant is a municipality in the province of Quebec located and a four-season holiday destination and ski resort. It is about 135km from Montreal in the northwest. The city was officially founded in 2000.

DSC_9427 (2)

  We drove by the Downtown and decided to stop by to go eat. Thank God for the beautiful weather we were able to walk around and look for nice places.  The downtown was way different from our Montreal Downtown. I didn’t find any tower building or any circulation problems, even their parking was free of cost.

We stopped by Pizza & Cie. and they were busy since they had outdoor dining tables.  We decided to have lunch there and go another place for dessert.


As we finished eating, we went looking for a nice desert place, but we could not find one and my little sister was upset more than anything. Since we were all craving for dessert, we went to get something at l’epicerie Metro down the street.  And there, my sister found a tiny Tuxedo Cake. On the spot, my mom and my sister wanted to write my name on the cake and we ended up buying candle and lighter.

So we drove to the Parc Plage near the Village of Mont-Tremblant and end up cutting the cake near the water.

Even though, it was only one day I had so much fun, just walking around and looking for stuff do see and do and eat.  I had a different kind of birthday celebration. It was fun with three of us on a road trip (something we like to do) and the ( delicious) cake was something unexpected.  Moreover, my mom made the beautiful dress.

DSC_9465 (2)

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