When we decided to visit the Plains

 Sri Lanka is a beautiful island and it is a well-known country among the tourists. The country welcomes more than 1.4 million tourists since 2014, including me.I have been visiting Sri Lanka for the third time since 2012, it is 20 years since I left the country. In fact, I was one-year-old, I don’t rememberContinue reading “When we decided to visit the Plains”

New York and I

New York City, found in 1625, holding a strong history almost 400 years, is a dream destination. We have to visit at least once in our lifetime.However, I am very lucky, I had the chance to visit it twice. As it concern, one day is not enough to visit this beautiful city. I am lookingContinue reading “New York and I”

My first writing

Canada is one of the largest countries to welcome immigrants. The country gives them also various opportunity and equal rights as a Canadian by blood. As we see. many of them achieve in a higher level in multiple domains, such politics, business, and much more.              Following these descriptions, there is one person seeking theContinue reading “My first writing”