How I survived a long distance relationship



It is hard to have a long-distance relationship, in fact, very hard. A lot of people ask me how I made it work? We’ve been married for almost eight years and I’ve been in a long distance relation for 6 years. It was even more harder with time difference due to us being in different continent. Our good nights and good mornings were very alternated. As we are both hot-tempered, it was difficult to have a good communication. We always got into misunderstandings and never able to show or say what we really feel, BUT, we made it through, that’s what matters.

My cousin who at that time (2010) was in the UK, was studying and I used to help him do his assignments. One day he introduced his friend to me (who is now my husband). We started chatting on MSN ( at that time, PC version of Whatsapp) As we were talking and so, he had told me that he liked one girl and that he was going to propose her and he had already told his mom about it. I started having doubts and a few weeks later, I asked him directly if I was the girl and his answer was YES!. At that time, I was not ready for anything and this long distance relationship was out of the way. I decided to block him on Facebook and MSN. But few weeks later, somehow I received a message from him, I was shocked and I was nervous, wondering how could this happen, even though I blocked him. That is when I thought, maybe he was the one for me and no matter what I did,  I couldn’t avoid him. I start talking to him and I introduced him to my mom and she liked him as well.

                 ” The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.Proverbs 16:9”

Storm of emotions…

            We got married in Sri Lanka in 2012. And one year later, our sponsorship got refused. I was heartbroken, the gift I got for our first anniversary was a refusal letter of sponsorship from the Immigration. I cried and cried for weeks. I did not know how to handle it. Met with the lawyers, and it was hopeless because had to wait maybe two or three years before I could do anything.

               Slowly, I recovered from it. I had many plans, many dreams, many happiness, it was all shattered in one single letter. My life had just changed but, I didn’t give up, I got back on my feet and took the situation in control. I have always been optimist about my life , even if I fell down, I never gave up , I had hope and faith. I realized everything has its own timing and plans. I realized crying over my situation wasn’t going to change. I told my husband that we can’t change the situation but we can make something out of it. He didn’t agree, but no choice, right? So I booked my ticket to visit him.

                    Later on, I decided to go back to school, finish what I left and do what I always wanted to do. I visited him every year (very expensive) . I had my breakdowns; sometimes I cry in silent at night, thinking, worrying and cursing myself for being in a big mess, for being so helpless. Although I never gave up. I knew everything happens for a reason. Everything God’s plan. So, I worked according to His plans . In these 6 years, I have achieved many things. I am always thankful for God’s grace and mercy.

So how did I survive? My only answer is : “I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13” Without the strength that He gives me I can’t .  

Shining in the rain…

              I am not blaming anyone for what happened to me because I know whatever happens; happens for a reason. Each failures and success teaches us a lessons. I have and still am learning the real meaning of love and especially the love and faith we have in God. He will never give us more than what we can handle.

Isaiah 40:31 But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

            Through good and bad, I never gave up. I visited him once in England while he was still there after the wedding. He then moved back to Sri Lanka. I went to visit him every year and made the best out of the worse. I never thought this will not work out. And, he finally came to Canada in 2018.

             Marriage is a relation made by God. Every union has their own meaning and every step we make leads into a better life. I never regret marrying someone from a different country, because I am really happy with my husband. Every marriage has its flaws, it is in our hand to make the best out of it.

Suki Krishan

The Tribe within us – LEVI

“United in worshipping the Lord and be victorious”

Levi Ministries

          Levi Ministries found by Pastor John Jebaraj from India is one of the most known ministries all around the world.  The ministry is about worshipping the Lord and Levi have released three albums and more to come. Levi defines one of the twelve tribes in the Old Testament and the presence of the Lord within us. For many reasons, attracted by the word LEVI, he chose for his albums. Among many singers and albums, scared, he trusted the Lord from the beginning. He started writing songs from the word of God. The lyrics from LEVI are mostly biblical verse. The word of the Lord is the main power of his albums.

John Jebaraj

             Born to a Muslim mother and to a Christian father, Pastor John Jebaraj found the love of God and His mercy at the age of 17. Despite his dreams and plans, the Lord called him to minister. He studied theological studies at the Bible College in Bangalore. He is a worship leader and ministering the world of the God in many places in India. Married to his beautiful lady love. He is now traveling many countries to inspire many youths and to share the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

His Journey!

            After completing his studies, even though he had many opening, he didn’t have the right people to guide him. Discouraged by the world and it negativities, he abandoned his ministry as a worship leader and preacher in many churches. He returned home in 2009, and even went far away from the Grace of God. One year later, God found him again and showered His love once again upon John Jebaraj and blessed with the ministry called Levi. As he said in his interview with LordTV; the first call is ordinary but the second call from the Lord is EXTRAORDINARY. Since then Pastor Jebaraj never stopped his journey with God. Even though he had no money to buy a keyboard in order to write songs and tune them, he didn’t give up. He faced many struggles and fought many wars. But, God grace never left from him. He started his ministry from the bottom, start singing his songs in a small church where he was a pastor. Many of them were blessed with his songs. He got recognition all around. Today, he is the most known person for his songs, his sermons and his joy of serving the Lord. His aim is to restore and inspire the younger generation in Christ. He is an inspiration to many of us. His journey is not easy, but the destination is wonderful. In the future, he plans to release to write songs in different languages and reach a wider community and inspire them as well.

Levi Ministries in Montreal.

            He visited Montreal for the first time, He had three-day worship services at the Prince of Life Christian Church. It was amazing and blessing, we learned new songs from LEVI 3 and his upcoming album.  His sermons were short and catchy. I liked the way how he linked the Old Testament and the New Testament and how he integrated Jesus and the Cross in different stories from the OT. He spoke about how Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons and the fact that God bless us, the gentiles, more than His chosen ones, the Jews. He had wonderfully demonstrated the presence of the Cross from the NT in the OT. Every action made by the Lord reveals Jesus.



Pastor John Jebaraj interview with LordTV


Lets Celebrate with truth.


My dear friends in Christ, as we are celebrating the Ressurection of our Savior Jesus Christ, Some may not have noticed the fact that ”Easter” has nothing to do with the Ressurection day. As we all know, Jesus Christ was born in order to be sacrificed for the sins of mankind. Risen from the death after three days and win over the sins and evils of the world. But why we, Christians call it Easter?

            ” Ishtar”, which is pronounced “Easter” was a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of their gods that they called “Tammuz”, who was believed to be the only begotten son of the moon-goddess and the sun-god.” (The Last Trumpet Ministries) 

Ishtar is known to be the goddess of spring. Adding up the egg as a symbol of fertility goes back to the Egyptians and Persians. This whole thing Easter was actually celebrated with eggs and rabbits, (and why we have commercialized the celebration of the Ressurection of Jesus) . The only way we have to remember Jesus’s sacrifice is through the “breaking the bread” but nothing else.

We can also find the reason for the forty days fasting prior to Passover, which was forty days of sorrow each year for Ishtar to remember the anniversary of Tammuz, including the meat fasting held by all the Catholics. Moreover, in the present time, we relate eggs and bunny during this time of the year. They are also part of the Baal rituals and customs. All these have nothing to do with the Ressurection of our Savior as many would have not even thought the links.

In Acts 12, the word “Easter” is mentioned only in order to refer to King Herod, but not for Christians. As a coincidence, the celebration of the spring and the Ressurection day comes more often on the same day, throughout the year, misled with false and satanic doctrine, we are ended up with a misconception of the real event.

As Christians, our duty is to remember his death and Ressurection through the key message of the gospel and breaking the bread with Jesus. As Christians, we should not be misled by false doctrines and the commercialization of this day. We should also remember that He gave his only Son, to save us from sins and to give us the greatest mercy of all time and Salvation.

Life is good with Jesus

christianity, Profile

In the early 2000’s, many of our young Tamil community members were involved in street gang activities. It was, in fact, a big issue for our Tamil diaspora teenagers during that period of time, where they were lacking guidance and searching for their own identity. In the recent time, our teenagers take everything for granted, but for our previous generations was not as easy as it is now. They had many barriers, such as languages problem, poor education background, financial issues and difficulty adapting to their new culture. As they were caught up in a difficult lifestyle, they were pulled into wrong path and their destinies changed forever. It is hard to change this kind of lifestyle. Few of them overcame from this struggling life and one of them is John Pathmanathan. As a matter of fact, who is he?

John Pathmanathan is a pastor based in Toronto, Canada, ministering around the World and he is currently working with The Gideons International in Canada since 2014 where his goal is to distribute as many as possible free Bible around the world. He also raising funds for his campaign Gospel for India.  He found Jesus in 1998 through the same Gideons Bible ministry and since then, he didn’t stop serving the Lord through his ministry. 

                                             “There is a love that actually refused to give up on humanity, a love that actually stop giving up on humanity, I am a product of that love ” (John Pathmanathan, Youtube)     

He was born in Sri Lanka in the early 80’s and moved to Germany at the age of 10 months due to the civil war that occurred in the country. He was raised by his single mother. They moved to Toronto, Canada in 1992. Soon after, he was trying to find his own identity when he was initially attacked by his peers by racial comments on his first day of school. In high school, he started hanging out with the wrong people and involved in street gangs activities. He wanted to be accepted by others and wanted to defend himself.

      In 1998, he was arrested for the first time by the police for opening fire in a school parking lot. Meanwhile, his mother attended a Tamil Christian church service in Toronto and start praying for him. By God’s love and mercy, she found the peace that she was looking for her and her son. Meanwhile, in the prison, discouraged, he found the love and peace of Jesus through Gideons Bible distributed by the Bible ministries. He started going to church with his mother, but he was still living his old lifestyle, where he got into a bigger mess, suicidal thoughts, his family lost hope on him and once again end up in the jail in 2001. But the Lord’s love and mercy found him again and touched him with another Gideons minister’s Bible. He decided to give his life to Jesus as he was sitting in the prison cell. From that day, he saw his life changing for good and he allowing Jesus to live through him. His full testimony can be found online.

Montreal Visit in 2016

Pastor John visited Montreal Tamil churches for the first time in March 2016. We had the opportunity to welcome him to our Church (PLCC) Youth service on Sunday morning. He is a very humble Minister of God.  I was blessed to attend the service and witness his love for God and the Bible. I was able to feel his relationship with God throughout his message. It was an eye-opening service for many of us who had the chance to listen to his message. As we all know, worship is when we sing and praise God, but he actually gave us a different definition. For Pastor John, worshipping is not only singing and praising the Lord, but it is a unique relationship that we experience with God. He also mentioned about second life. He gave us an example about the second-hand smoke kills more people than people who actually smokes. Alike, our second-hand life will kill us. As Christians, we have to live only for the Lord. Another thing I liked in his message is when he said that we should not let the Satan question us, because when he start questioning us, he can distract us from our destiny. By all means, life is great with Jesus. Please do watch his testimony, because he is an inspiration for many as well as me.

                We are hoping to see him once again in Montreal for another powerful and blessing message.