Public Relations Part 1 – Communication

             Public Relations (PR) is a term that many of us, including me, aren’t familiar with.  In the beginning, I had no clue what was all about.  I wanted to go back to school and escape from the 9-5 job that I have and discover something new. While surfing on-lineContinue reading “Public Relations Part 1 – Communication”

Life is good with Jesus

In the early 2000’s, many of our young Tamil community members were involved in street gang activities. It was, in fact, a big issue for our Tamil diaspora teenagers during that period of time, where they were lacking guidance and searching for their own identity. In the recent time, our teenagers take everything for granted, but for ourContinue reading “Life is good with Jesus”

JR Raphael

The multinational company Samsung released the newest smartphone last week; the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is powered by the latest Android software, the MARSHMALLOW OS 6.0. Android is an operating system for smartphones developed by Google. In the recent year, Android is one of the main operating systems in the world for the smartphones. WithoutContinue reading “JR Raphael”

My first writing

Canada is one of the largest countries to welcome immigrants. The country gives them also various opportunity and equal rights as a Canadian by blood. As we see. many of them achieve in a higher level in multiple domains, such politics, business, and much more.              Following these descriptions, there is one person seeking theContinue reading “My first writing”