The Proposal -3


To the strongest women.; she build her own empire. Build it with confident and faith. Depend on no one except you.

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        As she rushed to work, she did not reply to the messages.But, she could not concentrate on anything else either. She almost forgot to lock her door; thanks to her neighbor who reminded her to lock. In her 30 minute trip to work, she already created a hundred scenarios in her head. But , she still couldn’t find the person behind this mysterious texts.               -AH! It must a prank! No doubt; she laughed to herself 

Arrived at her office, she quickly sneaked in her room and fixed her messy hair as she was getting ready to start her day. She went through her phone and as she was putting it away; she received her mysterious message

       –OH GOD ! what’s up now ! 

And she rushed to read it : – Hey Good Morning beauty! Looking pretty in that blue dress today. Hoping to see you soon… have a wonderful day. Catch you later. 

-WHAAAAT ! she screamed ! How does he even know that I am wearing a blue dress ? but how? can someone explain to me? (obviously, she was talking to herself out loud) Is he stalking me ? Who can it be? That guy on the bus with his headphone? The guy I crossed at the entrance? No can’t be! – I see him every day at the entrance, he hates me anyways. (yeah, lot of people don’t like me;  for being myself) So it is not anyone from the office.

        She was not only curious but nervous and scared too. She never experienced this kind of situation before. She didn’t even know how to react and how to respond.  The fact that she had an attitude (not in a bad way though) no one ever approached her. She was smart; she spoke her mind and she was not afraid anyone.

As the day passed, she was debating whether she should reply or ignore the message. And she was hesitating if she should go to meet the person or not after work.

,Around 5pm -end of her shift 

She received her second text of the day. -Will be there at 5.30 sharp. waiting for you at Starbucks across your office. 

-OH! MY ! GOD ! what to do now!

 But,  who is he………