Round trip – Toronto

Overdue post about my trip to Toronto last summer. As we were planning to go to Boston with my family, we decided to cancel this year's round trip to Toronto.  But as I was discussing with my friend, we came up with the idea to do a collaboration shoot in Toronto, so I said why... Continue Reading →


I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with talented girls in Toronto. It was my first time meeting them all but felt like I've known them since before. When women empower others, great things happen. The girls are amazingly talented and I just wish them nothing but the best in their future projects. When... Continue Reading →

Toronto and Me

I went to Toronto more than hundred time in my life.  We would go to visit families or bring our family who had visited us to Toronto. It is always exciting to visit the industrial city. It is in fact like travelling to another country, since Canada is big enough to feel like different part of... Continue Reading →

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