The Coffee Shop -3


The Coffee Shop Part 1 click here

Later in the evening, my friend was waiting for me at my office.

-Did you even try to talk to her today?

-No! But I saw her twice, I answered him joyfully.

-You are an idiot, man! You are not even realizing that you got this job just to meet her and do something! Somehow you got her phone number; I thought you would at least call her and talk, but you’re just hopeless!!

Yes! he’s right. I am working at the coffee shop just to meet her again and talk to her. She would come here every day just before going to her office which is a few blocks away. Every time I would see her, I would be speechless. TOTAL BLACKOUT!

– Tell me, man! what are you planning to do? Are you going to spend the rest of your life working these crazy shifts trying to find a way to talk to her, while she finds someone else and she settles down?


– Then what are you waiting for? Waiting for the Santa Clause to put some sense in your head?

I did not know what to answer for that comment. I just laughed and bowed my head down.

As he was leaving the room, he just shouted at me that I was useless and nobody could help me and that I was going to die single. SINGLE FOREVER!

To be continued…


The Proposal! Part 5


There is a timing for everything. There is a will for everything. There is a way for everything.

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As she was confused,  she waited for him to come back, but everything seems well planned, he didn’t show up in the front.

           – He escaped! If I see his face again I would smack something on his head! She was frustrated! She did not know what to do anymore; the suspense was over but what’s next?

She couldn’t stay there longer; she had to leave.She went home and she went through her daily chores and as she was sipping her homemade coffee in front of the TV. She was not even paying attention to the shows, but all she was thinking is about the guy she met, who she actually knew him for the past two years.

         -How is even possible? I thought we mutually hated each other. Why would he even do such thing? Is he playing? Is he serious? It is so confusing!

She had many unanswered questions. She was not able to think properly. Nobody would have imagined her in this situation! Was she in love? She decided to meet him face to face tomorrow and sort out this mess. As she was talking to herself she heard her phone ring, she was panicking! She took the phone it was a text message… from him.

         -OH MY GOD!

She opened the message and began reading.

          -From the day I saw you I knew that you were the one, the one who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I cannot imagine a life without you. I never had the chance to tell you, even though we would see each other every day. I never had the courage to let you know how much it made me happy to see you every morning. Your smile would make my heart beat faster. It took me two years to tell you now; how much you mean to me. I Love You! 

She was heartbroken.

Throwback 2016


                 Most of the time, I celebrate New Years at church with my family. Starting the Year with laughter and lot of food, of course, I would sleep till noon and eat all day. My mom used to tell me the way we start the year will be the same throughout that year. as far as I can remember she was right, that’s what I end up doing the whole year: eating and sleeping.

What I have achieved in 2016!

I can recall few things that I am proud of myself. In fact, I finished my studies in July while working full time (40h/week). I decided to work on my long lost passion: Photography and I also discovered a new passion for writing. It made me realize that I was capable of doing something if I was really willing to do it. Somehow, I got the chance to do few photo shoot.  I Likewise,  I went back to Sri Lanka: one of the craziest trips so far. You can read about my trip: One country! two months! Twenty-five cities!  Moreover, I even started to write small fictive stories and I love it. My ever first story is: THE PROPOSAL 

” One can not achieve anything if did not start work for it”

 I loved writing about the diverse subject at school and I was somehow good at it even though English is my third language.  I wanted to do something that made me happy.  But I was confused; how to start and where to start. I liked the idea of starting my own blog since I was already writing one from one of my classes with my classmates, but  I was scared if I would find audiences for my blog; you had to be popular to get followers and readers. On the other hand, I didn’t know what to write about, so  I went through some popular blogs to get ideas and it was all about stuff they liked, but what do I like? That was my question!  YES! OF COURSE! PHOTOGRAPHY ! So I decided to combine writing and photography together and eventually started my blog.

Happy or not!

There are few things that I wish that happened differently, but everything has its own timing and everything happens for a reason. However, I am not complaining because I had the chance to learn and focus on something that I love and enjoy doing.  I am pretty happy with what I have done in 2016. I hope the best in the years to come.  My aim is to open my own photo studio in the future and I am working on that dream slowly but surely.

What I learned in 2016


Thank you for all your love and support.I hope you enjoyed reading my blog throughout 2016 and I look forward to have a best year ahead

-Suki Nathan

The Proposal – Part 2



Creating your own world was not easy! Being the lonely person. Being the center of the universe was not easy     The Proposal Episode 1- Click here

The Proposal Episode 2 –

              As she was hesitating, she grabbed her phone.  Obviously ! She couldn’t hold the suspense anymore. She wanted to know !  For her surprise! the notification was not what she expected. It was an e-mail from a random newsletter that she was subscribed for. It made her heartbeat rates rise for nothing. In fact, she did secretly expect a message from that person. She was kind of liking it, even though, she was not admitting.  Yes ! Of course! She convinced once again that someone was just pranking her. She went back to bed to get ready to sleep but she couldn’t sleep this time. Her anxiety was at a high level that she felt actually felt her heartbeat.

            She was anxious to find out who was the person behind the messages. She could not come to a conclusion. She wondered if she met any new people recently. She wondered if she gave her number to anyone. She wondered if her number was public somewhere that she wasn’t aware of. As she was thinking she fell asleep.

  • The next morning.

She woke up in a hurry; “I am late for work!”  She grabbed her phone to check the time. She was relieved, she had one hour to get ready for work, but she was in a rush, she could not miss her bus.But, wait.. did she really see what she saw?  Is she dreaming or is it the reality?

She received two new messages from the same number ! AND it was exactly right after she fell asleep.“How did I not hear the notification? “ Without any hesitation, she opened the message.

” Good night darling! Would you like to go for a coffee tomorrow after work”

right after this one.

“Can meet up at the Starbucks near your work”

She almost fainted. 

The Proposal -Part 3 click here 

One country! two months! Twenty-five cities! 


Most of you know very well that I travel once a year to Sri Lanka. More often, I don’t stay more than four weeks as I have to come to work and, of course; pay back all my bills and save for my next trip. But this time, I stayed for two months. Can you believe ?? TWO WHOLE MONTHS !!! Thanks to my super work and my super nice bosses who let me go for TWO MONTHS. I was able to travel and travel all over the country and of course, I spent a lot of money.  Every time I visit my home country, I always try to discover at least one new city and place to add in my Sri Lankan map. ( travel map coming soon)  But, this summer was a tiring and hectic trip. No complaints! I loved it. As I was planning my trip to Sri Lanka in the beginning of summer 2016 I didn’t imagine that it would be a trip to remember forever.

               I was able to visit few cities and villages in the beautiful Island of Asia.  Even though Colombo is where I stay during my vacations,  I was born in Kurumbaciddy, a small village  12km away from Jaffna Town in the Northern Province of the Island. if I would have to pick my most favorite town, it would be without hesitation Nuwara Eliya, obviously right after JAFFNA. Nuwara Eliya is known for its cold mountain climate and of course for the tea estate and tea factory, which Sri Lanka is famous for. I was able to visit this small town three times, the first time was in 2013, and each time I stayed two days. there are many activities including the famous World’s End. Even though I am a lazy person, I loved walking for 12 km for the second time. You can read my famous story ”When we decided to visit the Plains”.


During my stay in Sri Lanka, I didn’t initially plan all these trips. Even though we were tired and wanted to rest, we always ended up planning new trips. I didn’t want to miss the chance to go on road trip and moreover, it was on my bucket list to do the tour of Sri Lanka. I almost covered the Island, especially the Northen and the Central part is covered.  I still have few cities to discover in the Southern part of the country to officially declare the tour as COMPLETED.

I had the chance to visit twenty-five cities in two months. YES! TWENTY-FIVE!. It sounds so crazy BUT YEAAAH!!!! TWENTY-FIVE!. Here is the list of the cities I visited:

Here is the list of the cities I visited in 60 days in no particular order.

Colombo,  Jaffna, Kilinochi,Vavuniya, Sangupiddy (Bridge), Chavakacheri, Mulathivu, Trinco, Anuradhapura, Nuwara Eliya, Katharagama, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Batticaloa, Kandy, Madu, Puttalam, Ramboda, Kalathura,Ninathivu, Badulla, Tellipalai, Karavedi, Kankesanthurai

It was a great experience for me as I was able to visit all these places within two months. And I was able to enjoy this road trip so much. I was and I will be never tired of road trips as I am planning more trips like this in the future, including a trip to Europe. Stay Tuned. I will be updating my experiences about my trips in my blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! Do not hesitate to leave your feedback and suggestions!