The Tribe within us – LEVI

“United in worshipping the Lord and be victorious”

Levi Ministries

          Levi Ministries found by Pastor John Jebaraj from India is one of the most known ministries all around the world.  The ministry is about worshipping the Lord and Levi have released three albums and more to come. Levi defines one of the twelve tribes in the Old Testament and the presence of the Lord within us. For many reasons, attracted by the word LEVI, he chose for his albums. Among many singers and albums, scared, he trusted the Lord from the beginning. He started writing songs from the word of God. The lyrics from LEVI are mostly biblical verse. The word of the Lord is the main power of his albums.

John Jebaraj

             Born to a Muslim mother and to a Christian father, Pastor John Jebaraj found the love of God and His mercy at the age of 17. Despite his dreams and plans, the Lord called him to minister. He studied theological studies at the Bible College in Bangalore. He is a worship leader and ministering the world of the God in many places in India. Married to his beautiful lady love. He is now traveling many countries to inspire many youths and to share the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

His Journey!

            After completing his studies, even though he had many opening, he didn’t have the right people to guide him. Discouraged by the world and it negativities, he abandoned his ministry as a worship leader and preacher in many churches. He returned home in 2009, and even went far away from the Grace of God. One year later, God found him again and showered His love once again upon John Jebaraj and blessed with the ministry called Levi. As he said in his interview with LordTV; the first call is ordinary but the second call from the Lord is EXTRAORDINARY. Since then Pastor Jebaraj never stopped his journey with God. Even though he had no money to buy a keyboard in order to write songs and tune them, he didn’t give up. He faced many struggles and fought many wars. But, God grace never left from him. He started his ministry from the bottom, start singing his songs in a small church where he was a pastor. Many of them were blessed with his songs. He got recognition all around. Today, he is the most known person for his songs, his sermons and his joy of serving the Lord. His aim is to restore and inspire the younger generation in Christ. He is an inspiration to many of us. His journey is not easy, but the destination is wonderful. In the future, he plans to release to write songs in different languages and reach a wider community and inspire them as well.

Levi Ministries in Montreal.

            He visited Montreal for the first time, He had three-day worship services at the Prince of Life Christian Church. It was amazing and blessing, we learned new songs from LEVI 3 and his upcoming album.  His sermons were short and catchy. I liked the way how he linked the Old Testament and the New Testament and how he integrated Jesus and the Cross in different stories from the OT. He spoke about how Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons and the fact that God bless us, the gentiles, more than His chosen ones, the Jews. He had wonderfully demonstrated the presence of the Cross from the NT in the OT. Every action made by the Lord reveals Jesus.



Pastor John Jebaraj interview with LordTV


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